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September 2006 Event 6

Fellows vs. Roessel

Patterson vs. Church

Rivera vs. Sandy Wawrzynek

Scott Wawrzynek vs. Vania

Davis vs. Toepfer

Marrer vs.Maluci

Bob Wawrzynek vs. Freelander

Fellows vs. Roessel 2

Patterson vs. Church 2

Rivera vs. Sandy Wawrzynek 2

Patterson vs. Roessel

Rivera vs. Church

Copper Cobra

Patterson vs. Sandy Wawrzynek

Marrer vs. Roessel

Vania vs.Patterson

Rivera vs. Fellows

Scott Wawrzynek vs. Maluci

Davis vs. Toepfer

Bob Wawrzynek vs. Freelander 2

Scott Wawrzynek vs Toepfer

Bob Wawrzynek vs. Rivera

Patterson vs. Church

Rob Roessel

Bob Wawrzynek vs. Scott Wawrzynek

Bob Wawrzynek vs. Patterson

Scott Wawrzynek vs. Roessel


August 2006 Event 5

...coming soon


July 2006 Event 4

Roessel vs. Church

Dieffenbacher vs. Vania

Bob Wawrzynek vs.Ajavon

Lightning vs. Scott Wawrzynek

Roessel vs. Church take two

Dieffenbacher vs.Scott Wawrzynek

Ajavon vs.Lightning

Vania vs. Bob Wawrzynek

Marrer vs. Freelander

Lost the POPS crew...

Scott Wawrzynek vs. Church

Bob Wawrzynek vs.Ajavon

Ajavon vs. Church

Roessel vs. Church 3rdand 4th

Bob vs. Scott for 1st and 2nd


June 2006 Event 3

Orange Stang

Freelander vs.Church

Ajavon vs.Roessel

Huych vs. Angiolillo

89 Stang vs.69 Stang

Lou Guido's 302 powered Escort

Jones vs.Roessel

Ajavon vs.Freelander

Church vs.Guido

Ajavon vs.Angiolillo

Orain vs.Jones

Ajavon vs. Orain

Angiolillo vs. Jones


May 2006 Event 2

Freelander vs.Collmer Qualifying

Hunter vs. Marrer Qualifying

Steve Dieffenbacher Qualifiying

Jason Walbridge Qualifying

John Frank vs. Dan Church Qualifying

Terry Doyle vs. James Tomklewicz Qualifying

Rick Vania vs. Bob Wawryznek Qualifying

Dan Church vs. Dave Freelander Qualifying

Jim Chirayath Qualifying

Dan Church vs. Rob Roessel Qualifying

Adam Marrer vs. James Tomklewicz Qualifying

Steve Dieffenbacher vs. Jim Chirayath Qualifying

Brian Schneider vs. Jim Collmer Qualifying

Bob Wawryznek_vs._Dave_Freelander Qualifying

2stangs8689 Qualifying

Terry Doyle Qualifying

Steve Dieffenbacher Qualifying

Dan Church vs. Rob Roessel

Collmer vs. Jason Walbridge

Rick Vania vs. Steve Dieffenbacher


April 2006 Event 1

Adam Eberlin vs.Mike Varr

Jason Wallbridge vs. Gene Kovaks


Matt Huyek vs. Dan Church

Ryan Chapman vs. Adam Marrer

Bob Wawryznek vs. Dan Mayer

Bob Wawryznek vs. Tim Hunter

Dan Church vs. Adam Marrer

Doug Wilcox

Lucio Angiolilo vs TwinTurbo

Adam Marrer vs. Gene Kovacs

Jason Wallbridge vs. Dan Church

Twin Turbo vs. Bob Wawryznek

Bob Meader vs. Dan Church




Roy Powell

Chuck Hoehn 10.82@123.86

Dave 11.63@117.34 NA

Randy Dombrowski 10.55@128.49

Joe Turrazzo 12.02@115.16

Mark Valvo 10.78@128.47

Bob 9.47@144.41

Mad Max Gross 9.00@151.46

Tony Overlin 2 runs 2nd 12.07

Jim in the black '95 Cobra

Dave vs.Magoffin

Ride along with Tony S....get spring fever watching this


SCT Applications:
Live Link 2.36 Live Link 4.03 Live Link 4.10 Live Link 4.11
Live Link 4.19 Live Link 4.30
Xtreme Tune Software
Liveload 131 for X2
Liveupdate 220 for X2
LW Updater 1.49 for X3 and Livewire updater *
LW Updater 2.00 for X3 and Livewire updater *
Diesel 6.4:
Tune Rev 6.4
Tune Rev 6.4 with DPFE delete (off road only)
X2 X3 Livewire Chipper

xcal2f-V1.14.lu2 xcal2f-V1.15.lu2





* IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING X3 & SF3 Power Flash Devices sold prior to July 25th, 2008:
SCT has recently updated the firmware for all X3 & SF3 devices. These devices now have different firmware that will effect all future updates for your device.

X3 devices part #3000 sold after July 25th, 2008 will now only be used for custom tuning and will no longer contain pre-loaded tunes. The SF3 device part #3015 will hold 3 custom tunes and will ship with pre-loaded tunes as in the past.

If you have purchased an X3 device part #3000 or SF3 device part #3015 prior to July 25th, 2008, your device is now considered an SF3 device part #3015, even though the device stickers may state it is a part #3000. When updating your device with any future firmware or tune revisions, you must use the SF3 part #3015 device updates or you will receive an error when updating the device.

Devices sold after July25th, 2008 should use the matching firmware for the part number on the device sticker.